Eleni Psilakis

Meet our expert speaker Eleni Psillakis. Eleni is a health educator and columnist with over 30 years experience in education and the fitness industry. She is a trainer and assessor and Peer Support Mental Health worker. In 2016 she was awarded ‘Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner’ for her efforts in raising awareness of eating disorders as serious mental illnesses. When completing her Degree in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Eleni completed a case study of two teenage girls, one suffering from anorexia and the other bulimia, to implement supervised and prescribed exercise, in conjunction with medical and psychological care by allied health professionals. Eleni herself has overcome anorexia and clinical depression and is passionate about bringing an understanding of the connection between addictive behaviours and the underlying thought patterns. Eleni collaborated with Dr Sarah Maguire, from Inside Out Institute for Eating and Dieting Disorders to bring education to the fitness industry and the recently adopted recommendations by Fitness Australia. She is the first author of the recently published paper “An Exercise Professionals’ Knowledge and Understanding of Eating Disorders and Excessive Exercise” in the Juniper Online Journal of Public Health. Eleni will be deliveirng her powerhouse presentations on the Wellness and mnetal health stream.